Wisefool Studio


4 – Almost there!

(aka: we are getting crazy)


Do you know those days when you accomplish something you have planned and worked on for a long time and makes you feel satisfied, strong, happy?

You know, those days when you reap the benefits of your own work and punch your fists in the air yelling “Yeah! I did it!”.

Well, we are waiting for that day to come. And the wait, so they say, kills.

Soon our demo will be ready (as you may know from previous episodes) and that also means that soon we will start our crowdfunding campaign.

We have mixed feelings about all this. It’s been one year since we’ve started working on Waking the Glares and we can’t wait for the community feedbacks that will come through the Kickstarter campaign. Still… we see it as a one-shot opportunity, one we can’t miss, which means a lot of pressure (“What if we don’t make it?”, “What if people don’t like it?”, “Man, damn, cut your hair before the Kickstarter video”).

The graphics are probably the most stressed right now. The demo looks very beautiful and their mood swings between “Oh God, this is cool!!” and “Argh!!! It crashed!!!” moments all day long. For the all of us the attention to all those things that are not related to the game seems to fade.


mastering tools

“Have you heard??? A meteorite is stricking the Earth!!!” “Yeah, cool. Now let me finish this paragraph”.


Fun, desperation, satisfaction and stress all in one place, five days a week (just because in the weekend we bring the madness in our own houses).

Soon, maybe six or five days before the campaign “Day 1”, we will probably enter the “Acceptance” phase, made of conversations like “Man, we can’t stop it, we are really going through” (amazed gazes included) and solemn, silent, nods as answers.

If you will read the next episode it will mean that we really did not stop it and that we are there, talking to the world, giving our best to involve people in this wonderful adventure (keeping the stress for ourselves, we promise).

Devs that inspire us!


In each Dev Diary Episode we reserve some space for the project that in the latest days has caught our attention the most.

For this fourth episode our choice goes to When you’re gone by Winteractive. We like the concept behind the game and these people seem to know how to create a videogame that tells a story that goes deep in the human feelings. Go there and take a look, and if you like the project, back it!