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3 – What’s behind

(aka: too many things to do? Serves you right!)


Many people have asked us more information about Waking the Glares and, above all, what makes it special.

First of all we don’t claim to be creating a whole new genre, or to start a revolution in the videogame history (not for now, at least). However, we believe that the way we are combining all the elements will make the game special.

One of the main concepts of Waking the Glares is that all the things that will happen to the main character, Dawnfall, will happen because a book has been written. Somehow the secrets behind this book have turned Dawnfall’s life upside down and only through the full understanding of the knowledge shielded by the book our hero can find his way back home.

So one of the hardest parts is to create this kind of coherence in the game, coherence between gameplay and design.

Each of the seven places that Dawnfall will visit has a slice of that knowledge, a secret that can tell him something more about what happened. There is the “discovery” as part of the gameplay and there is the “discovery” as leitmotif throughout the whole game. There are secrets to find in each chapter (that will allow the player to solve riddles) and there are secrets in the story Dawnfall is involved with.



Things are getting serious.


So this is what happened when the book became the core of the game concept.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, it might be interesting”

“Yeah, it sounds cool, but it will take a lot of your time.”

“It’s not a problem.”

Crazy as it may sound (not for us) we believe so much in the game narration and in what the player will live, that we felt the need to write down the book that stays behind all this and let the experience continue beyond the game.

Dawnfall will be the playable character but everything starts from the book and we want the players to catch the opportunity to read it and acknowledge it as a main character as well.

This means that the book will not be the “book version” of the game, but something more, an important piece to live the full Waking the Glares experience.

Devs that inspire us!


In each Dev Diary Episode we reserve some space for the project that in the latest days has caught our attention the most.

For this third episode our choice goes to The Flame in the Flood by The Molasses Flood. We love adventures and this game seems to set new standards in the indie scene. Quality in the graphics, quality in the sound, quality in the style. As this space of our dev diary says, these people inspire us!