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2 – How to make it… Unreal!

(aka: yes, we know this was an easy play on words)


Ok, ok, some people had asked us before why we were not using the Unreal Engine, and the reason was that we had experience with Unity and it was easier and faster to use for us than jumping on a new engine. When you change your tools for more powerful ones you will always have to delay your releases. New tools take time to be learnt and to be mastered as the previous ones.

But then we have tried the Unreal Engine 4 and we have immediately realized that it would be worth to spend some time to master it, because the outcome, with the same exact models and texture, is great. Although it meant to delay the release of the demo, we could not help but pass to Unreal Engine 4, and this is how Waking the Glares will be created.

One of the most important things about the game is that there will be many different locations and what Unreal allows us to do is to give each location its own “mood”. Lights and colors are deep and blended, objects seem to have their own “solidity”. We love it and we will try to take the best out of it!


 demo1 demo2

No, it’s not Gardener Simulator. That’s our demo!


It is hard to explain what Waking the Glares will be.

On the gameplay side we are trying to mix all the many aspects of an adventure videogame in the proper way. Exploration and research (with both eyes and ears) will be the core of Waking the Glares and we are working hard so that the player never gets bored. There are three ways to avoid it:

1 – Make each riddle unique. “Find the right key for the right door” is a classic, but what if a “door” has no keyhole? Sometimes the player will need the right object, sometimes he will need to interact with the environment, sometimes he will need both.

2 – The player might need to explore, but who said that he will always have all the time he needs or that the “exploration” will not imply an enemy on his/her back?

3 – Each chapter has its story (that wedges in the main one) and, somehow, its rules, like a unique universe. The main story of Waking the Glares (about which we will talk in the next Dev Diary Episode) is complex and can be fully understood once the game is completed. Still, we want each of the Seven Chapters that make the game to be remembered and to have its own personality, so that the player can live a varied experience. In Waking the Glares the gameplay will be coherent with the environment, so that each episode will not be just a “more of the same”.

In other words we are creating Waking the Glares keeping in mind the words that guide our work: surprising, various, immersive!

Devs that inspire us!


In each Dev Diary Episode we reserve some space for the project that in the latest days has caught our attention the most.

For this second episode our choice goes to Black the Fall by Sand Sailor Studio. Its style is catching and the gameplay seems a great mix of choices and action. We love the mood and the quality that comes out from what they have shown on their Kickstarter page. Go there and take a look!