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Finding Demo


1 – Finding Demo

(aka: don’t worry mate, we only miss texturing, coding and sound design and we are ready to release)


We never thought it would be easy.

Surely as a fresh team there are tons of things we have to learn about making videogames; probably it is something you never stop learning about.

And if you want to do it giving your best, as we do, it is hard. Which is great.

We started working on Waking the Glares ten months ago and we feel now it’s time to start a Developer Diary to share our experience with players and Game Developers.

Lately we have started realizing the amount of questions and interest that our friends have shown us about Wisefool Studio. Thinking about it, it is not that common to hear someone saying “I am creating a videogame” (unless you spend your days on the proper internet channels. Like us.)

The hardest thing to explain is the most obvious: it is a job.

Ok, its difficulty depends on the project you plan (which is the reason why we want to kill our Lead Designer), but still, somehow the word “game” makes people underestimate how important it is to plan everything, how delicate it is the balance between heart and mind, how pressing could be the fear of not making it, how crucial it is to work as a team.


Wisefool Studio devs establishing who’s the Team Leader in the proper way (SFA3 on CRT).


Well, maybe the fact that we keep saying that this is the best job on earth does not help people realize all these things, we admit.

Anyway, we are not here to complain but to talk about what we are working on: the Demo.

The story, the narration, is so important in Waking the Glares that it has not been easy to make a demo out of it. We wanted players to have a taste of what we are doing, but the risk of giving them an incomplete experience or, otherwise, of spoiling too much, was high.

It has been a long and intricate matter that has created different pre-alpha prototypes that we could examine, improve, discard. Nevertheless it has also been an opportunity to change some general characteristics of the game design and improve Waking the Glares in its entirety.

We believe we have found the best way to introduce the game to the players and that after playing the demo they will have an idea (a good one, we hope) of what kind of experience the game will be.

Weird as it may sound, the setting of the demo will be a core part of the game, which has made its realization even more important. This is the reason why we are pushing ourselves to have it ready for the deadline but making sure we release the best demo Waking the Glares may ever have.


Devs that inspire us!


In each Dev Diary Episode we reserve some space for the project that in the latest days has caught our attention the most.

For this first episode we have chosen Paradigm by Jacob Janerka and Jonas Kjellberg.

Great style, humor, evergreen gameplay. As long-standing adventure players we cannot help ourselves falling in love with such a tribute to the most classical point and click games.