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The Story


The main character is Dawnfall, a lost wanderer who travels in a fragmented universe where time and space are twisted. Until he meets a mysterious voice that guides him in a journey that will bring him to fabulous places, meeting challenges that he never thought he could face and that will allow him to find the way back home.

The Book


The story revolves around a book that has messed up Dawnfall’s life. To “Wake” the “Glares” means to look for answers, to discover secrets and to find out why this book is so important.

The news is, this book is real. Buying Waking the Glares players will get its ebook version and so the opportunity to live a deeper experience.




Waking the Glares is made by seven chapters and each chapter will have a different atmosphere, different challenges and, therefore, a different gameplay in every stage of the game.

The exploration-based gameplay will require the player to pay attention to the environment from a visual and acoustic point of view. This will imply the alternation of intense research phases and moments where the player is called for fast thinking and crucial decision taking within a very short time span.

The gameplay of each chapter has been thought coherently with the environment and with the story the place tells, in order to create the higher level of immersivity since what has allowed the player to pass through a chapter could be not that useful in the next. We are confident that we will deliver a game that never gets boring but that never stops to be a first person adventure (no action fptrs here!).


Virtual Reality


The idea to create a visionary and fascinating adventure comes from the great experience we had with the Oculus Rift.

Waking the Glares will fully support Oculus Rift.

Moreover, the new born Virtual Reality has given us an ambitious objective: to create a game that was pleasing without the using of new devices and that the VR could enhance in its immersivity side. So, do not worry, we are creating Waking the Glares keeping in mind a classical PC station so that everyone can enjoy what we are doing.


Unreal Engine 4


That’s how we are creating Waking the Glares!

It is a powerful tool and, like all the powerful tools, it needs time to be mastered, but is giving us great results. Our first trailer had been made with the Unity Engine, but take a look and see what we are creating with Unreal!















We create videogames through our skills, talent and passion. We are highly focused on the industry innovations and work hard to use the new technologies for the player’s best experience.







Wisefool Studio is an independent game development team, currently based in Italy.

We set up the team in November 2013, inspired by the emerging possibilities that Virtual reality is going to give to the game development in the near future. Despite the fact that we are very interested in the future of VR for gaming purpose, we aim to make our projects enjoyable without any VR device but still maintaining a high level of immersion and fun.


Ruggero Aricò
Ruggero Aricò

Ruggero Aricò

Lead Designer

Marco Cicala
Marco Cicala

Marco Cicala

2D/3D Artist

Vittorio Messina
Vittorio Messina

Vittorio Messina

Lead Programmer/3D Artist

Gabriele Purpura
Gabriele Purpura

Gabriele Purpura

Game Designer/3D Artist



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